The results of our first ever “Pet Pals Costume Contest” in 2022 are in. Over 30 pets competed with nearly 5000 total votes being cast. After last minute frenzied voting, Johnny grabbed the 1st prize of “Cutest Pet Pal“. Lola, is the “Second Cutest Pet Pal“, and next is Archie Lobster, the “Third Cutest Pet Pal“. Johnny, Lola, and Archie Lobster had their photos featured on the label of a special Swartzbier brew by Combustion Brewery in Clintonville. The names of the pets placing #4-11 were also listed on the label. All pets with 50 or more votes were entered in a raffle to have their portrait painted by local artist Kenzie Kuhn. Mikey won the raffle. Congratulations to all these sweet pets and their loving owners! The total proceeds from this fundraiser exceeded $5000.00 which will go to the Northern Kiwanis Club of Columbus Foundation to promote youth literacy and education, such as scholarships, book giveaways, and other projects supporting education. Thank you for your overwhelming support! For more information on how you can help Kiwanis help the kids, please Contact Us.